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Model motion to support the Halesowen 4 campaign

(Courtesy of the branch at Warwick University)

David Muritu (UCU Branch Secretary at Halesowen College) was dismissed from his job as Maths Lecturer at Halesowen College on 20 December 2012.

The College failed to follow their own disciplinary procedure or ACAS guidelines. The evidence provided did not, by their own admission, support an accusation of misconduct.

The College claims that the dismissal was made on the basis of David’s results (which are above the national average). David has been rated as a grade 2 (good) lecturer by the College’s own observation system.

Three more Maths Lecturers, all of them active UCU members, have also been dismissed for similar reasons.

It is no coincidence that this action has been taken against active members and officers of the UCU branch at Halesowen College.  This is an attack on trade unionism, an attack on freedom, and an attack on education. It will have disastrous consequences for students and teachers.  Most importantly, David and the Maths team believe that all students have to the right to education.

This branch reaffirms its commitment to solidarity with victimised trade unionists. We encourage our members:

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